Summer is finally here. And since summer is when many people take a bit of a breather, I thought it would be a good time to address the elephant in the room: Affordability While our seller’s market seems to be cooling just a bit, we’re seeing the combination of inflation, rising prices, rising insurance and
Turning a Reverse Mortgage into an Investment Tool
There’s a lot of talk about reverse mortgages and for good reason. They can be powerful tools for seniors looking to access their home equity in retirement. According to an article published by Nasdaq, financial advisors believe that seniors can also prepare for their future with reverse mortgages. But it’s important to understand how reverse
Homeowners: NOW is the Time to Sell
If you’re even THINKING about selling your home, now may be the time to pull the trigger. Our local NOLA real estate market is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been writing loans for a long time. Housing inventory is non-existent. Buyers are competing with other offers on many homes. That means top dollar
Realtors: How Can You Avoid Buyer Burnout?
Our real estate colleagues face a serious challenge in today’s market: buyer burnout. It’s something I’ve never seen before here in NOLA, and I’ve been writing loans for a long time. Housing inventory is non-existent. Buyers are competing with other offers on many homes. Their bids are often not accepted. They’re frustrated. Many are just
4 Tips for Seniors Planning for Retirement
The decade before retirement can matter more to retirement success than any other time. With good planning, there is still time for seniors to accumulate money for retirement, especially for those who started saving later in life. Here are some steps to help seniors get their affairs in order to plan a comfortable retirement: 1.
This Little-Known Home Financing Tool May Be The Best for Senior Homebuyers
Most seniors have heard about reverse mortgages and their benefits. But did you know that a Reverse Mortgage can also be a powerful financial tool for buying a new home? Traditional reverse mortgages have grown popular over the past several years, but there is a specific kind of reverse mortgage that has gained popularity recently:
2022’s Loan Limit Increase on Reverse Mortgages and Its Potential Impact
For the fifth year in a row, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is increasing its loan limits; this time, to $970,000 for reverse mortgages in the new year. The proposed increase will reflect on areas that typically have higher-than-average home values. In the public statement above, the average home value, in this case, would surpass
Reverse mortgages give affluent seniors important financial options when it comes to tapping into the equity in their homes. But what kind of seniors value this flexibility the most? Those counting their pennies? Or those seniors considered “affluent” with a significant net worth? A recent study published in the Journal of Financial Planning has surprising
New Year, New Goals, Bigger Loans in 2022
If you’re like me, you’ll be looking forward to a little rest and relaxation time this holiday season. Everyone I know in the real estate space has been working long hours to help clients buy, sell or refinance property this year. While celebrating records or personal bests are fun, this is the time of year
Homeowners Insurance Premiums Are On The Rise
Recently, hurricane IDA left homeowners in Louisiana devastated. Homes have been damaged and destroyed and some seniors are still trying to recover the cost of their damages. If that is not enough, those homeowners are now paying more for their homeowner’s insurance premiums, making their cost to maintain the home more expensive.  For homeowners who