A year after the onset of COVID, we are just beginning to understand the economic and social impact on many areas of our lives. One of those areas involves seniors, their relationships to their homes, and their expectations & ability to fund retirement. The impacts are reported in a recently completed survey of 1,500 American
For years financial planners have steered clear of talking up reverse mortgages as retirement planning and income tools for their clients. It’s easy to see why. The few horror stories of ‘reverses gone wrong’ have overshadowed the positive experiences many reverse borrowers in ideal situations have. Those past horror stories likely involved lenders who didn’t
If you’re like me, you remember Tom Selleck sporting a Hawaiian shirt and Tigers cap as Magnum PI a long time ago. Or maybe you think of Tom Selleck today as Frank Reagan from Blue Bloods. Both Magnum & Reagan are honest, ethical characters. You can trust them. But can you believe America’s favorite lawman
Time marches on while you’re busy helping valued clients secure best-fit loans for their dream homes. In between advising our clients, loan approvals, and closings, we realized that 2021 marks an important celebration in the history of our firm. America’s Mortgage Resource is celebrating 25 YEARS of dedicated service to our clients in the Greater
Last month, we covered how reverse mortgages have quickly become reliable tools for the new wave of ‘pandemic retirees’ who qualify and look to age in place in their homes. This month, we cover the age-old question of reverse mortgages: When do they make sense? Whether you’re looking for guidance for a client – or
This year we REALLY celebrated the beginning of a New Year, even without fireworks in the French Quarter. Yes, 2020 is finally behind us. But are the real estate market conditions created in 2020 staying put despite the calendar change, or will 2021 be a year of change? Here are 3 key areas we’re watching,
  COVID has put life transitions on the fast track for many Americans over the last 9 months. Millennials – once reluctant homebuyers – are now making purchases in waves thanks to historically low mortgage rates and low housing inventory. Recent trends also indicate a surge of early retirement among seniors, as businesses close or
We’re all ready to put 2020 in the rear view mirror. And while there are lots of things we’ll say goodbye to, others will outstay their welcome into next year and beyond. Masks, hand sanitizer and… bidding wars on houses? Bidding wars in metro New Orleans? They’ve already started. Housing experts say it will be
This Unexpected Group Is Boosting the Post-COVID Housing Market
Millennials are labeled a lot of things. Entitled, assertive, frank, picky, socially conscious, choosy consumers, achievement-driven, masters of work-life balance, tech-savvy, foodies, impatient, and intellectual, to name a few. But there’s one label in particular they’re about to lose since the onset of the pandemic and its overhaul of Americans’ lifestyles – perpetual renter. Eight
2021’s Meager Social Security COLA Increases Financial Strain on Retirees
Think about how much a couple of pizzas runs these days. Probably about $20. As long as you don’t order extra toppings. That’s the same amount the Social Security Administration will raise its monthly stipend for beneficiaries beginning in January 2021. It’s the annual Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA. And if you’re thinking it