Is the FIRE Movement a real thing? Here’s what your clients are thinking
The American Dream is changing. It used to be: get a job or start a business. Work hard until you reach 65, then retire. Not anymore. These days, an increasing number of seniors have a new idea in mind: FIRE Or what’s called the “Fire Movement”: Financial Independence, Retire Early. Is FIRE a Real Thing?
Reverse mortgages have fallen victim to negative perceptions for years. It’s understandable. The early days of reverse had many of us believing that the benefit of a reverse mortgage was only for seniors who were struggling with finances and needed a quick way to get cash. But those days are long gone. Now, we’re seeing
For years financial planners have steered clear of talking up reverse mortgages as retirement planning and income tools for their clients. It’s easy to see why. The few horror stories of ‘reverses gone wrong’ have overshadowed the positive experiences many reverse borrowers in ideal situations have. Those past horror stories likely involved lenders who didn’t
If you’re like me, you remember Tom Selleck sporting a Hawaiian shirt and Tigers cap as Magnum PI a long time ago. Or maybe you think of Tom Selleck today as Frank Reagan from Blue Bloods. Both Magnum & Reagan are honest, ethical characters. You can trust them. But can you believe America’s favorite lawman
Last month, we covered how reverse mortgages have quickly become reliable tools for the new wave of ‘pandemic retirees’ who qualify and look to age in place in their homes. This month, we cover the age-old question of reverse mortgages: When do they make sense? Whether you’re looking for guidance for a client – or
  COVID has put life transitions on the fast track for many Americans over the last 9 months. Millennials – once reluctant homebuyers – are now making purchases in waves thanks to historically low mortgage rates and low housing inventory. Recent trends also indicate a surge of early retirement among seniors, as businesses close or
2021’s Meager Social Security COLA Increases Financial Strain on Retirees
Think about how much a couple of pizzas runs these days. Probably about $20. As long as you don’t order extra toppings. That’s the same amount the Social Security Administration will raise its monthly stipend for beneficiaries beginning in January 2021. It’s the annual Cost of Living Adjustment, or COLA. And if you’re thinking it
3 Ways to Fund (Pandemic-Ravaged) Retirement Savings Using Home Equity
If you or your client are at retirement age or within a few years of retiring and don’t have enough saved, what’s the back-up plan? Most Americans are going to need one, according to the numbers. It’s a finding that’s doubly true now that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on many Americans’ retirement accounts. Reasonable
Why seniors are quickly turning to reverse mortgages since COVID
Lost jobs, furloughs & businesses closing have dominated the news when it comes to COVID. Retirement accounts & investment portfolios have also been hit hard, leaving many seniors wondering what they can do to survive the crisis. Most financial advisors agree that taking money out of retirement accounts during a down market is not the
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities Right now is an interesting time to be in the service of our nation’s senior citizens. Seniors have more liquidity than ever. But they also face higher pressure and greater threats on the financial front. That’s