Debt Service Coverage Ratio

debt service coverage ratio

Purchasing investment property has never been easier with our new Debt Service Coverage Ratio program.

  • Property stands alone. Underwriting done only on the cash flow of the subject property.
  • No tax returns or debts of the borrower reviewed
  • 1-4 family non-owner occupied properties only
  • Property can be vested in an LLC or Individual’s Name
  • Maximum Loan-to-Value 80%
  • Min Debt Service Coverage Ratio is 75%
  • Maximum Loan Amount $2 Million for Single Family and $2.5 Million for 2-4 Units
  • No limit to the Number of Financed Properties Borrower Owns
  • Available terms: 30 year fixed, 5 year Interest Only, 10 year Interest Only

To find out more details about this program, please contact a loan officer near you!