This Unexpected Group Is Boosting the Post-COVID Housing Market

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This Unexpected Group Is Boosting the Post-COVID Housing Market

Millennials are labeled a lot of things.

Entitled, assertive, frank, picky, socially conscious, choosy consumers, achievement-driven, masters of work-life balance, tech-savvy, foodies, impatient, and intellectual, to name a few.

But there’s one label in particular they’re about to lose since the onset of the pandemic and its overhaul of Americans’ lifestyles – perpetual renter.

Eight months into the pandemic, millennials (ages 23 to 38) – who have notoriously been tagged as the group most likely to delay homeownership – are helping the home sales market recover in many cities across the U.S.

They are buying homes in droves.

In fact, Americans under 35 have a homeownership rate of 40.2%, according to the most recent quarterly data, up from 37.5% the same time last year, according to Census data.

Realtors, here’s why you might be fielding more sales calls from hopeful millennial first-time homebuyers – and what they’re looking for in their investment.

Millennials Have More Savings Thanks to COVID Lifestyle Changes

Stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions nationwide appear to have had a positive effect on millennial pocketbooks. They’re saving more and stockpiling enough funds for down payments on homes.

Their spending & saving habits have changed and tightened when compared to their habits pre-COVID. And with more disposable income, they’re realizing they might not have to put off homeownership any longer.

Millennials Want Safer Investments

Millennials are now looking more toward real estate as a safer investment over the volatile stock market. Real estate’s passive income power, tax advantages, and appreciation potential is a safer risk.

With median home prices still on the rise in many cities, and inventory low, millennials are flocking to find place offers & lock in mortgage rates before steep rate increases happen again.

Millennials Now Need a Home That Works for Their Lifestyle

With so many COVID restrictions on activities and travel, millennials are realizing the value of creating a home that works for the needs of their socially distanced lifestyle. For example:

  • They’re looking for homes with ideal workspaces for remote work
  • If they have children, they’re looking for more flexible space for at-home learning
  • Kitchen, living area, and bathroom upgrades are at top of wish lists
  • Outdoor living areas and spaces for home gyms are among growing requests with our emphasis on health & wellness
  • Younger millennials and Gen Zers want smart, technology-integrated homes that offer efficiency
  • The popular open concept layout of yesterday is becoming less so.

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