January 2019 Changing Loan Limits Impact NOLA Real Estate

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We’re just a few days into 2019 and already things are changing in the real estate industry.

FNMA (conventional), FHA & VA all announced new loan limits which went into effect January 1st.

Impact on NOLA Real Estate

These changes will have a HUGE impact on the NOLA real estate market, especially in the area of multi-family since we have such a high inventory of those properties.

According to The Katrina Index (as reported by the New Orleans Tribune), both home values & rent are up more than 50% since Katrina.

However, the annual household income needed to afford rent in New Orleans is $38,000, and 71% of workers earn on average $35,000.

If you market to first time homebuyers, these FHA & VA loan changes are HUGE.

But even if you don’t market to first time homebuyers, you can see why there’s such a demand for multifamily property in our metro area and how the increased loan limits will translate to more business being closed.

Ramping Up for 2019

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Wishing you all the best in 2019!