Top 5 top tips for keeping your NOLA energy bill in check this summer

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No Saints games yet. But there’s the beach! Our homes take a beating from the summer heat. Before you shell out $400+ or more on your power bills this summer, make sure you’re using these 5 tips to stay cool & save money:

Tip #1: Fans, Fans & More Fans

Fans are our best friends this time of year. They do a great job of moving air around your home and help reduce the strain on your AC system.

Fortunately, fans don’t use much power compared to your central AC system. So put them everywhere.

Plus, they’re handy in certain rooms that tend to get hotter than others. AC contractors refer to these as “hot spots” in your house.

Tip #2: Thermostat Settings

Are you the type that isn’t happy until there’s condensation on the windows in the morning?

That kind of cooling comes at a price when it’s 90+ degrees during the day!

Most energy efficiency experts advise setting your thermostat warmer in the summer. 78 degrees is a good number. Make sure to turn it up even higher if you’re going out of town for the weekend or vacation.

In addition to saving money on our energy bills, our grandparents would probably tell us it’s not good to come inside to such a cool house when being outside and sweaty!

Tip #3: Check for Air Leaks

We’ve all heard it (and maybe said it) when someone leaves a door open: “You’re air conditioning the whole neighborhood!”

Open doors are pretty bad, but did you know that lots of cool air escapes through poorly sealed doors and windows?

Our doors take a beating with the humidity and cold during the winter followed by heat and sun in the summer, so it’s a good idea to regularly check your door seals for air leaks. New seal and caulking is easy.

Do the same thing with your windows.

Tip #4: Check Your Water Heater

You may not know it, but water heating accounts for 18% of your home’s energy usage!

That’s why it’s a good idea to turn down the heat settings on your water heater during the summer. Plus, lowering your water heater temperature helps keep additional heat out of the attic.

We still need a good hot shower, but it doesn’t need to be THAT hot when it’s 90 degrees outside!

Tip #5: More Snowballs or Daiquiris

We live in New Orleans, right? So what’s a “cool off this summer” list without snowballs or daiquiris?

We’ve got some of the coolest neighborhood snowball stands anywhere in the world. Plus, we’ve got daiquiris for the grown ups!

Enjoy your summer and we hope these tips help save you a few bucks this summer… though we won’t blame you if you take your energy savings and spend it on snowballs or daiquiris instead!