Tom Selleck endorses reverse mortgages. Does that mean they’re legit?

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If you’re like me, you remember Tom Selleck sporting a Hawaiian shirt and Tigers cap as Magnum PI a long time ago.

Or maybe you think of Tom Selleck today as Frank Reagan from Blue Bloods.

Both Magnum & Reagan are honest, ethical characters. You can trust them.

But can you believe America’s favorite lawman is now 76 years old? In fact, he’s become the national pitchman for reverse mortgages!

If both Magnum PI & Frank Reagan have conducted their investigations of reverse mortgages and decided they’re above board, does officially mean they’re ok?

The answer may surprise you.

Changing Perfection: Facts vs. Myths

Reverse mortgages have certainly had their share of bad publicity. But most of the issues contributing to the stigma around reverse mortgages have been addressed for years through regulation and certifications.

I believe that’s one of the reasons Tom Selleck was chosen as a spokesperson. His characters always did their homework.

The fact is, reverse mortgages are important financial tools for our seniors, not a way to get scammed out of their house or pay a fortune in unnecessary fees.

Reverse mortgages allow seniors to access the equity in their homes without having a monthly mortgage payment to worry about.

And, they get to keep their house.

Help a Senior You Care About

We have a ton of content on our website outlining the details about how reverse mortgages work.

But today, the facts and figures aren’t the point.

Today, we just want to let you know that reverse mortgages are, in fact, legitimate financial tools.

We’ll take it a step further and say that we’re big believers.

In fact, we have several staff members who are dedicated to handling reverse mortgages and have obtained some of the highest certifications the industry offers.

If you know a senior in your life who might want to explore their options with someone they can trust, please get in touch today.

We’ll be happy to give them the facts about reverse mortgages and show them all their options.

Just like Magnum PI or Frank Reagan would.