Realtors – Are you Missing out on Opportunities in Mid-City?

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Focusing on a particular part of town or neighborhood is a great way to really stand out in the real estate world. 

But unless you have had clients recently in the mid-city area, you might be missing out on great opportunities in what might be NOLA’s hottest area.

Get Reacquainted with Mid City

Mid City has always held a certain charm. 

It’s where we catch Endymion. Where we eat gelato from Brocato’s. Where we go to Jazz Fest.

There’s tons of greenspace. You’re minutes from Bayou St. John, the Lafitte Greenway & City Park.

It’s got everything you want for quality of life in urban living.

Mid City Development

Real-estate wise, Mid City is a unique neighborhood that has an interesting mix of single-family homes, doubles & brightly painted shotguns.

It’s also the place where we’re watching hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into the area.

New commercial buildings & restaurants are everywhere.

Newly renovated condo buildings are popping up on almost every corner.

There’s the new Louisiana Children’s Museum.

There’s about a 100 new kids at the Harmony High School.

Looking for statistics to back up the statement that Mid City is a hot market? Forget it. Just follow the money.

Real Estate Opportunities

Many people think of Mid City as an area split by either upscale, nice housing or borderline blighted housing.

If you think that, you might be right. You’d also be wrong.

Mid City is an attractive market not only for “move in ready” homes & multi-family properties, but there’s a ton of renovation opportunities as well.

The availability of blighted property is decreasing quickly.

We know, because we’re investing there as well. Two members of our team (Drew Remson & Thomas Knapp) recently partnered on an investment property renovation right in the middle of Mid City.

The results speak for themselves. Click here to see how the renovation turned out.

Our team of mortgage professionals is ready to help you & your clients take advantage of real estate opportunities in areas like Mid City. We offer renovation/rehab loans, investment property loans and several other options including new construction financing.

Talk to a member of our team today to make sure you’re not missing out!