Realtors: How Can You Avoid Buyer Burnout?
Our real estate colleagues face a serious challenge in today’s market: buyer burnout. It’s something I’ve never seen before here in NOLA, and I’ve been writing loans for a long time. Housing inventory is non-existent. Buyers are competing with other offers on many homes. Their bids are often not accepted. They’re frustrated. Many are just
Summer 2021 is still a good time to buy real estate
Maybe I’m dating myself a little bit, but I’ve been humming this one in my head the last few weeks. After a rough year and a half of feeling locked up, the freedom of summer never felt better. If you’ve been out and about at all, you can see that people are EVERYWHERE. People are
I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…
Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, it feels like we landed somewhere else over the last year… Some experienced the bleak landscape of Dorothy’s dusty Kansas through the global pandemic. Yet at the same time, the COVID twister introduced homeowners and investors to a whole new magical world… Following the yellow brick road took
It’s official. Mortgage rates have officially hit bottom and begun climbing back up. The refi boom has just about run its course. Quite honestly, we’re looking forward to the change. While we’ve enjoyed helping many homeowners score the interest rate of their dreams, our focus has never shifted away from servicing our Realtor and builder
We’re all ready to put 2020 in the rear view mirror. And while there are lots of things we’ll say goodbye to, others will outstay their welcome into next year and beyond. Masks, hand sanitizer and… bidding wars on houses? Bidding wars in metro New Orleans? They’ve already started. Housing experts say it will be
sold family home
  Nobody hates “mortgage-ese” more than us. But today, we’re making an exception. The real estate market is incredibly competitive right now. Homes are selling within days or even HOURS of being listed. Sellers are getting multiple offers (they’ve got choices). Buyers are putting in multiple offers (just in case). But here’s the problem… potential
Is a Pandemic a Good Time to Buy a Home?
Thinking about buying a home, vacation property or rental, but just not sure what COVID has in store for the rest of 2020? Is NOW, with all this uncertainty, a good time to buy? The answer is – it depends. If you don’t feel good about the future of your job or business, then now
  Did you know we are now home to the ‘Face of Reverse Mortgage’ in New Orleans? That’s right. Our very own Alison Calamia, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) and Assistant Vice President of AMR, is featured this month as part of New Orleans Magazine’s 2020 Faces of New Orleans series! We couldn’t be more
3 Changes to the Real Estate Market in the Post-COVID World
We’re almost 90 days into the COVID crisis and the end is nowhere in sight. The new normal may be here to stay. At least for the foreseeable future. This isn’t necessarily bad news for the real estate market. The last 2-3 months have produced a record number of transactions as people capitalized on low
Virtual Mortgages from America’s Mortgage Resource
We’re New Orleanians. And we love high fives, handshakes and hugs as much as anybody. Our favorite part of being mortgage lenders is meeting with clients to talk about their dreams and figuring out how to make them a reality. Sadly, right now it’s best NOT to meet with people directly. There’s no high fives,