3 things we can all learn from celebrity realtors

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Ahhh celebrity realtors.

We see them in magazines and on TV. They’re the ones with the BILLION dollar businesses.

We don’t have many celebrity realtors here in metro New Orleans, so that made us wonder:

How do these celebrity realtors develop such big businesses?

And, is there anything they do that we should be doing?

We set aside a few hours and read up on 5 celebrity realtors featured in a recent Yahoo story.

When we actually dug into their stories, what we learned was pretty surprising.

And YES, there are some huge takeaways for realtors here in NOLA!

What they all struggled with

Every one of the celebrity realtors said that they struggled with things that might sound familiar to you including:

  • Having no experience or being from a different industry
  • Having no business when they were new
  • Struggling to differentiate themselves
  • Worrying about what to do when it was slow

Sure, they each gave somewhat generic advice about hard work, bringing value to customers and being good communicators, but the REAL substance of their success are things we can all learn from.

3 Keys to Celebrity Realtor Success

#1: Do the unglamorous

Every single one of these realtors talked about a time when they were new or business was slow and they went knocking door to door to give them a spark.

Stop and think about that for a minute!

In today’s digital age, we’re all hoping for referrals from our Facebook friends or online leads to magically show up.

But the BIGGEST realtors, the ones with the celebrity clients, went door to door to build their business.

How’s your “outbound” marketing strategy looking now?

#2: Be true to yourself

This might sound simple, but really it’s not. Just look around at realtor bios or advertising here in metro NOLA.

Every realtor is in the same outfit with the same haircut saying the same things.

The superstar realtors say that a big part of their success was letting their personality shine through rather than trying to be like someone else.

It’s hard to stand out and be different, but those at the top embrace this challenge and make it their strength.

#3:  Treat clients money like its yours

What the client wants is not always in their best interest. Instead of being a “yes” person, celebrity realtors have learned to tell their clients “no”.

Or maybe, “not this time”.

Celebrity realtors look at each transaction as though it were themselves making the purchase, not the client. When evaluated that way, it becomes easier to give the client good advice.

It’s tempting to give the client what they want knowing that they can easily find someone to give it to them if you won’t. But the bigger opportunity is to be the one that tells a client “no” when it matters most.

If you’d like to talk about how you can use this advice to build your real estate career and become a famous New Orleans celebrity realtor, please contact us today!