3 Reasons you Need an Inspection in New Orleans, Plus 1 you Might not Think of!

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Buying real estate in metro New Orleans isn’t as simple as it sounds.

We’ve got old homes. Flooded homes. Renovated homes. Raised homes.

That’s why we’ve learned after 25+ years in local real estate that you NEVER want to skip the inspection on a purchase transaction.

And while you can read lots of rational lists for why you should get an inspection, here are OUR top 3 reasons based on heartache & pain from those who’ve chosen not to get inspections.

Plus, we’ll give you 1 reason you may not have thought of…

#1 – Unseen Issues with Older Homes

Metro New Orleans has more than its share of older homes. Some are wonderful homes that have been lovingly cared for & property maintained.

Others have been neglected for years.

With older homes you have a number of potential issues which the seller may or may not be aware of including:

  • Additions which have been made
  • Permits
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing
  • Flood damage
  • Zoning

The bottom line is you need a home inspection to help your buyers avoid THE BIG MISTAKE with an older home.

#2 – Termites

It feels like New Orleans is the termite capital of the world.

Unless you’re touring the home at night and can see the termites swarming in and out of a building, or you’re lucky enough to spot termites in an easily visible place, there’s a good chance termites may have damaged the home at some time.

Old termite damage is hard to spot. And if it’s not repaired correctly, it can cost a fortune to repair.

Sometimes active termites are hard to spot as well. They’re in the walls, the ground, the attic, the trees nearby.

Don’t take chances with termites!

#3 – Foundation Issues

Walking through some New Orleans homes can feel like an amusement park fun house when the floors are uneven.

Sometimes the walls have cracks and the doors don’t shut.

Those are the easy foundation issues to spot.

Other times, foundation issues are harder to spot. The slab may be cracked and your buyer doesn’t find out until water is coming up through the floor. Or, there may be issues with pilings and a house that’s not level.

Foundation issues are best left to home inspectors as again, they can cost a fortune to repair.

*BONUS REASON: Shady Builders

There are MANY reputable, high-quality builders, developers and renovation professionals in our wonderful city.

But there are more shady builders & house flippers than you can shake a stick at.

A recent customer of ours wound up suing her builder towards the end of her build out because she found out his license information was falsified and he was pocketing construction draws instead of paying his subs.

Sadly, this is not an isolated occurrence.

If you’ve never heard of the builder or seller and you know they are flipping the house, check with a member of our team to see what kind of reputation they have.

Then, get a home inspection.

It’s the best money your buyer will ever spend when buying a home – especially in New Orleans.